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Monitoring to be profitable
with a Clariprod controller

A system adapted to the plastics industry

Being specialized in the plastics industry, we believe that it is important to offer a production monitoring system specific to your production type. As a Clariprod official distributor, we offer you the possibility to add a controller to your custom robotic cell. Having been developed specifically for the injection molding and extrusion industries, Clariprod helps you measure and optimize your global efficiency.

système adapté
mesure précise

A precise measure focussed on savings

This turnkey solution is affordable and Plug & Play, which means that after a 15-minute installation and some setting up, the monitoring system is ready to measure all your data and help you make your production more profitable. Thus, you will be able to visualize your output in real-time, reduce your cycle times, eliminate rejects, and even more.

Measure, adjust, save

The Clariprod controller allows you to analyze your custom robotic cell outputs by measuring the most important values for the plastics industry, such as downtimes, cycle times, and rejects.

réduit temps arrêt

Reduce your downtimes

Machine downtimes are part of the costliest business losses, especially the unplanned ones. The Clariprod production monitoring system allows you to focus on them in real-time to reduce their duration, ensure the achievement of the deliverables and save important costs.

diminue temps de cycle

Optimize your cycle times

Cycle time is a primary factor to measure a robotic cell and an injection molding machine’s efficiency. Only one additional second off-cycle can represent a lower volume of produced parts and a considerable monetary loss. However, these losses can be saved with the installation of a production monitoring system.

limite rejets

Minimize your rejects

Every production goal is to create the largest number of parts while guaranteeing the quality of the manufactured parts. Despite this, the production of rejects is still commonplace for many companies. Rejects are a direct loss for manufacturers, in terms of machine-time as well as raw materials. However, it is possible to guaranty your productivity by being immediately alerted by your Clariprod monitoring system when a robotic cell produces rejects. Then, every rejection will be avoided, and this will be translated into savings for you.

action instantané

Take action immediately

We are trusting this production monitoring system as it allows rigorous monitoring of primary plastics production measures, and sends a notification as soon as a change occurs. This way, if your custom robotic cell produces some rejects or is out of its predicted cycle time, it is possible to take action immediately to adjust settings and pursue an optimal production.

Invest for better profitability

Clariprod is the fastest return on investment (ROI) production monitoring system in the industry. With its low acquisition cost and the overall savings related to optimization; the controller integration pays for itself within the first couple of weeks of use.

Don’t wait any longer to save and maximize your resources.

Calcul ROI
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Collect all your data

The Clariprod controller includes many distinct reports about productivity, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), machine availability, their performance, and the quality of your products. This way, it is possible to generate more elaborated reports in real-time and to compare them over time.

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